Moisture sorption properties of matcha tea powder as affected by high humidity storage

Show simple item record Červenka, Libor Palarčík, Jiří Zeman, Vojtěch Muriqi, Sali
dc.contributor.editor Adam, Martin 2022-09-21T11:05:41Z 2022-09-21T11:05:41Z 2022
dc.identifier.isbn 978-80-7560-428-6
dc.identifier.issn 1211-5541
dc.description.abstract The effect of high relative humidity (RH) storage on the subsequent moisture sorption of matcha tea powder was examined. The sample of interest was stored above silicagel (control), at 52.9 and 75.3 % RH for two months at 25 °C. Moisture adsorption and desorption experiments were performed using a dynamic vapor system, and the sigmoid-shaped (type II) isotherms obtained with the aid of multi-Freundlich equation. Hysteresis loop disappeared for powder samples previously exposed to high humidity environment. According to Caurie and multi-Freundlich equations, higher critical values of aw, monolayer content, number of monolayers, and surface area of adsorption were observed for the samples stored under high RH. The change in the particle size distribution was also discussed. en
dc.format p. 27-36
dc.language.iso eng
dc.publisher University of Pardubice en
dc.relation.ispartof Scientific papers of the University of Pardubice. Series A, Faculty of Chemical Technology. 28/2022 en
dc.rights open access en
dc.subject matcha tea en
dc.subject moisture sorption en
dc.subject particle size en
dc.title Moisture sorption properties of matcha tea powder as affected by high humidity storage en
dc.type article en
dc.peerreviewed yes en
dc.publicationstatus published en

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