Highly Water-Soluble Cyclopentadienyl and Indenyl Molybdenum(II) Complexes - Second Generation of Molybdenum-Based Cytotoxic Agents

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dc.contributor.author Mrózek, Ondřej cze
dc.contributor.author Šebestová, Lucie cze
dc.contributor.author Vinklárek, Jaromír cze
dc.contributor.author Řezáčová, Martina cze
dc.contributor.author Eisner, Aleš cze
dc.contributor.author Růžičková, Zdeňka cze
dc.contributor.author Honzíček, Jan cze
dc.date.accessioned 2017-05-11T11:11:09Z
dc.date.available 2017-05-11T11:11:09Z
dc.date.issued 2016 eng
dc.identifier.issn 1434-1948 eng
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/10195/67600
dc.description.abstract A series of the cyclopentadienyl and indenyl molybdenum compounds bearing alkylammonium functions [(eta(5)-Cp')Mo(CO)(2)(L-N,L-N)][BF4](2) were synthesized and characterized by analytical and spectroscopic methods. The structures of [{eta(5)-C5H4CH2CH2NH(CH2)(5)}Mo(CO)(2)(4,7-Ph-2-phen)][BF4](2) (4,7-Ph-2-phen = 4,7-dipheny1-1,10-phenanthroline) and [(eta(5)-C9H6CH2CH2NHMe2)Mo(CO)(2)(phen)][BF4](2) (phen = 1,10-phenanthroline) were determined by X-ray crystallography. All of the synthesized compounds exhibit high activity against the human leukemia cell lines MOLT-4 and HL-60. They are approximately one order of magnitude more active than cisplatin. This study has proven that the modification of the outer coordination sphere of molybdenum complexes has a strong impact on their activity and may be successfully used for the design of new highly cytotoxic active species. eng
dc.format p. 519-529 eng
dc.language.iso eng eng
dc.relation.ispartof European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, volume 2016, issue: 4 eng
dc.rights open access eng
dc.subject molybdenum eng
dc.subject indenyl eng
dc.subject cytotoxicity eng
dc.subject molybden cze
dc.subject indenyl cze
dc.subject cytotoxicita cze
dc.title Highly Water-Soluble Cyclopentadienyl and Indenyl Molybdenum(II) Complexes - Second Generation of Molybdenum-Based Cytotoxic Agents eng
dc.title.alternative Cyklopentadienylové a indenylové komplexy molybdenu rozpustné ve vodě - druhá generace cytotoxických sloučenin molybdenu cze
dc.type article eng
dc.description.abstract-translated Práce popisuje přípravu cyklopentadienylových a indenylových komplexů molybdenu s alkylammoniovými funkčními skupinami a jejich charakterizaci analytickými a spektroskopickými metodami. Struktury komplexů [{eta(5)-C5H4CH2CH2NH(CH2)(5)}Mo(CO)(2)(4,7-Ph-2-phen)][BF4](2) (4,7-Ph-2-phen = 4,7-dipheny1-1,10-phenanthroline) a [(eta(5)-C9H6CH2CH2NHMe2)Mo(CO)(2)(phen)][BF4](2) (phen = 1,10-phenanthroline) byly urřený RTG strukturní analýzou. Připravené komplexy vykazují aktivitu vůči leukemizkým buněčným liniím MOLT-4 a HL-60. Jsou přibližně o jeden řád účinnější než cisplatina. cze
dc.peerreviewed yes eng
dc.publicationstatus postprint eng
dc.identifier.doi 10.1002/ejic.201501133
dc.identifier.wos 000370352400009
dc.identifier.scopus 2-s2.0-84957439061
dc.identifier.obd 39877384 eng

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