Borem dopované diamantové elektrody s různým obsahem boru – Stanovení leukovorinu

Show simple item record Šelešovská, Renáta cze Kränková, Barbora cze Štěpánková, Michaela cze Martinková, Pavlína cze Janíková, Lenka cze Chýlková, Jaromíra cze Vojs, Marián cze
dc.contributor.editor Navrátil, Tomáš cze
dc.contributor.editor Fojta, Miroslav cze
dc.contributor.editor Schwarzová, Karolína cze 2018-02-27T03:02:59Z 2018-02-27T03:02:59Z 2017 cze
dc.identifier.isbn 978-80-905221-5-2 cze
dc.description.abstract Elektrochemické vlastnosti borem dopovaných diamantových elektrod s různým obsahem boru byly studovány pomocí cyklické voltametrie redoxních systémů ([Ru(NH3)6]3+/2+) a ([Fe(CN6)]4−/3−). Aplikační možnosti těchto elektrod elektrod byly testovány při stanovení leukovorinu. cze
dc.format p. 201-205 cze
dc.language.iso cze cze
dc.publisher BEST Servis cze
dc.relation.ispartof XXXVII. Moderní elektrochemické metody : sborník přednášek cze
dc.rights open access cze
dc.subject Borem dopovaná diamantová elektroda cze
dc.subject obsah boru cze
dc.subject elektrochemické vlastnosti cze
dc.subject leukovorin cze
dc.subject stanovení cze
dc.subject Boron-doped diamond electrode eng
dc.subject Boron content eng
dc.subject Electrochemical properties eng
dc.subject Leucovorin eng
dc.subject Determination eng
dc.title Borem dopované diamantové elektrody s různým obsahem boru – Stanovení leukovorinu cze
dc.title.alternative Boron-doped diamond electrodes with different boron content – Determination of leucovorin. eng
dc.type ConferenceObject cze
dc.description.abstract-translated Electrochemical properties of boron-doped diamond electrodes (BDDEs) with different boron content were studied using cyclic voltammetry of inner-sphere ([Ru(NH3)6]3+/2+) and outer-sphere ([Fe(CN6)]4−/3−) redox markers. Their application possibilities in analysis of organic bioactive compounds were tested by determination of drug leucovorin in model solutions as well as in pharmaceutical preparations. Voltammetric behavior of leucovorin was studied and voltammetric method for its determination was developed using commercially available BDDE. This proposed method was applied for lab-made BDDEs and the appropriated statistical parameters (e.g., LDR, LOD, LOQ, and RSD) were calculated and compared with respect to the boron content. eng
dc.event XXXVII. Moderní elektrochemické metody (15.05.2017 - 19.05.2017, Jetřichovice) cze
dc.peerreviewed yes cze
dc.publicationstatus postprint cze
dc.identifier.wos 000432424300045
dc.identifier.obd 39879460 cze

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