Hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry of (lyso)phosphatidic acids, (lyso)phosphatidylserines and other lipid classes

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dc.contributor.author Cífková, Eva cze
dc.contributor.author Hájek, Roman cze
dc.contributor.author Lísa, Miroslav cze
dc.contributor.author Holčapek, Michal cze
dc.date.accessioned 2017-05-11T11:13:18Z
dc.date.available 2017-05-11T11:13:18Z
dc.date.issued 2016 eng
dc.identifier.issn 0021-9673 eng
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/10195/67623
dc.description.abstract The goal of this work is a systematic optimization of hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography (HILIC) separation of acidic lipid classes (namely phosphatidic acids-PA, lysophosphatidic acids-LPA, phosphatidylserines-PS and lysophosphatidylserines-LPS) and other lipid classes under mass spectrometry (MS) compatible conditions. The main parameters included in this optimization are the type of stationary phases used in HILIC, pH of the mobile phase, the type and concentration of mobile phase additives. Nine HILIC columns with different chemistries (unmodified silica, modified silica using diol, 2-picolylamine, diethylamine and 1-aminoanthracene and hydride silica) are compared with the emphasis on peak shapes of acidic lipid classes. The optimization of pH is correlated with the theoretical calculation of acidobasic equilibria of studied lipid classes. The final method using the hydride column, pH 4 adjusted by formic acid and the gradient of acetonitrile and 40 mmol/L of aqueous ammonium formate provides good peak shapes for all analyzed lipid classes including acidic lipids. This method is applied for the identification of lipids in real samples of porcine brain and kidney extracts. eng
dc.format p. 65-73 eng
dc.language.iso eng eng
dc.publisher Elsevier Science BV eng
dc.relation.ispartof Journal of Chromatography A, volume 1439, issue: March 2016 eng
dc.rights práce není přístupná eng
dc.subject Phosphatidic acid eng
dc.subject Phosphatidylserine eng
dc.subject Phospholipids eng
dc.subject Lysophospholipids eng
dc.subject HILIC eng
dc.subject LC/MS eng
dc.subject Hydrofilní interakční chromatografie cze
dc.subject hmotnostní spektrometrie cze
dc.subject kyselina fosfatidová cze
dc.subject fosfatidylserin cze
dc.title Hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry of (lyso)phosphatidic acids, (lyso)phosphatidylserines and other lipid classes eng
dc.title.alternative Hydrofilní interakční chromatografie ve spojen s hmotnostní spektrometrií pro stanovení kyseliny fosfatidové, fosfatidylserinu a jejich lysoderivátů. cze
dc.type article eng
dc.description.abstract-translated Cílem této práce byla optimalizace separace polárních lipidů zejména kyseliny fosfatidové, fosfatidylserinu a jejich lysoderivátů. Optimalizace byla provedena pomocí kapalinové chromatografie (HILIC) ve spojení s hmotnostní spektrometrií (ESI). Byly testovány kolony a vliv pH a koncentrace aditiv. Vyvinutá metoda byla použita pro analýzu mozku a ledvin prasete. cze
dc.peerreviewed yes eng
dc.publicationstatus published version eng
dc.identifier.doi 10.1016/j.chroma.2016.01.064 eng
dc.relation.publisherversion https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26858118
dc.identifier.wos 000372676100006
dc.identifier.scopus 2-s2.0-84956997138
dc.identifier.obd 39877548 eng

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