Corrosion - inhibiting properties of molybdenum-containing pigments in coatings

Show simple item record Hájková, Tereza cze Kalendová, Andréa cze 2017-05-11T11:12:19Z 2017-05-11T11:12:19Z 2016 eng
dc.identifier.issn 0003-5599 eng
dc.description.abstract Purpose - This paper aims to synthesise anticorrosion pigments containing molybdenum for paints intended for corrosion protection of metals. Design/methodology/approach - The anticorrosion pigments were prepared by high-temperature solid-state synthesis from the appropriate oxides, carbonates and calcium metasilicate. Stoichiometric molybdates and core-shell molybdates with a non-isometric particle shape containing Ca, Sr, Zn, Mg and Fe were synthesised. The pigments were examined by X-ray diffraction analysis and scanning electron microscopy. Paints based on an epoxy resin and containing the substances at a pigment volume concentration of 10 volume per cent were prepared. The paints were subjected to physico-mechanical tests and to tests in corrosion atmospheres. The corrosion test results were compared to those of the paint with a commercial pigment, which is used in many industrial applications. Findings - The molybdate structure of each pigment prepared was elucidated. The core-shell molybdates exhibit a non-isometric particle shape. The pigments prepared were found to impart a very good anticorrosion efficiency to the paints. A high anticorrosion efficiency was found with the pigments Fe-2(MoO4)(3) and Fe-2(MoO4)(3)/CaSiO3 and with Mg and Zn molybdates. Practical implications -The pigments can be used for the formulation of paints intended for the corrosion protection of metals. The pigments also improve the paints' physical properties. Originality/value - The use of the pigments in anticorrosion paints for the protection of metals is new. The benefits include the use and the procedure of synthesis of the anticorrosion pigments which are free from heavy metals and are acceptable from the aspect of environmental protection. Moreover, the core-shell molybdates, whose high efficiency is comparable to that of the stoichiometric molybdates, have lower molybdenum contents. eng
dc.format p. 14-28 eng
dc.language.iso eng eng
dc.publisher Emerald Group Publishing Limited eng
dc.relation.ispartof Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials, volume 63, issue: 1 eng
dc.rights open access eng
dc.subject Corrosion eng
dc.subject Inhibitors eng
dc.subject Materials eng
dc.subject Coatings and linings eng
dc.subject koroze cze
dc.subject inhibitory cze
dc.subject materiály cze
dc.subject povlaky a síťování cze
dc.title Corrosion - inhibiting properties of molybdenum-containing pigments in coatings eng
dc.title.alternative Studium korozně-inhibičních vlastností pigmentů s obsahem Mo v nátěrových hmotách cze
dc.type article eng
dc.description.abstract-translated Práce se zabývá studiem antikorozní účinnosti pigmentů s obsahem Mo, které byly testovány v organických povlacích. Laboratorně byly připraveny stechiometrické molybdenany a jádrové molybdenany vysokoteplotní syntézou v pevné fázi. Jako jádro, to znamená jako nosič vrstvy molybdenanu, byl zvolen metakřemičitan vápenatý, wollastonit. Pro studium korozně-inhibičních vlastností molybdenanů byly formulovány modelové nátěrové hmoty na bázi vodouředitelné epoxidové pryskyřice. Antikorozní účinnost připravených pigmentů byla hodnocena na základě odolnosti nátěrů ve zrychlených korozních zkouškách v atmosféře s obsahem SO2, v atmosféře s kondenzací vodní páry a v atmosféře s obsahem 5 % neutrální mlhy NaCl. Antikorozní účinnost syntetizovaných pigmentů byla porovnávána s komerčně vyráběným pigmentem na bázi molybdenanu vápenatého. Získané výsledky ukazují na vysokou antikorozní účinnost připravených molybdenanových pigmentů. cze
dc.peerreviewed yes eng
dc.publicationstatus postprint eng
dc.identifier.doi 10.1108/ACMM-09-2014-1433 eng
dc.identifier.wos 000369187900003
dc.identifier.scopus 2-s2.0-84953251260
dc.identifier.obd 39877422 eng

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