Investigation of the electrochemical behavior of mesalazine on boron-doped diamond electrode

Show simple item record Štěpánková, Michaela cze Šelešovská, Renáta cze Janíková, Lenka cze Chýlková, Jaromíra cze 2017-05-11T10:31:43Z 2017-05-11T10:31:43Z 2016 eng
dc.identifier.isbn 978-80-905221-4-5 eng
dc.identifier.issn eng
dc.description.abstract The possibility of application of boron-doped diamond electrode (BDDE) for voltammetric analysis of anti-inflammatory drug mesalazine has been investigated. Cyclic voltammetry was used for study of the voltammetric behavior of mesalazine depending on pH of supporting electrolyte and scan rate. It was found that it provides one oxidation peak on BDDE and the highest current response was observed in Britton-Robinson buffer of pH 7.0. Square wave voltammetry was applied for mesalazine determination and low limit of detection was reached 6.96×10−7 mol L−1. Finally, the proposed method has been successfully used in the analysis of the drug in commercial tablet form. eng
dc.format p. 247-251 eng
dc.language.iso eng eng
dc.publisher BEST Servis eng
dc.relation.ispartof XXXVI Moderní elektrochemické metody eng
dc.rights open access eng
dc.subject Boron-doped diamond electrode eng
dc.subject Voltammetry eng
dc.subject Mesalazine eng
dc.subject Determination eng
dc.subject Borem dopovaná diamantová elektroda cze
dc.subject voltametrie cze
dc.subject mesalazin cze
dc.subject stanovení cze
dc.title Investigation of the electrochemical behavior of mesalazine on boron-doped diamond electrode eng
dc.title.alternative Studium voltametrického chování mesalazinu na borem dopované diamantové elektrodě cze
dc.type ConferenceObject eng
dc.description.abstract-translated Bylo studováno voltametrické chování mesalazinu na borem dopované diamantové elektrodě a vyvinuta metoda jeho stanovení. Ta byla aplikována při analýze farmaceutického přípravku i biologických vzorků. cze
dc.event XXXVI International Conference on Modern Electrochemical Methods (23.05.2016 - 27.05.2016) eng
dc.peerreviewed yes eng
dc.publicationstatus postprint eng
dc.identifier.wos 000389898200056
dc.identifier.wos 000389898200056
dc.identifier.obd 39876967 eng

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