Using voltammetric method for monitoring of antioxidant content in biofuels

Show simple item record Tomášková, Markéta cze Chýlková, Jaromíra cze Navrátil, Tomáš cze Šelešovská, Renáta cze 2017-05-11T10:31:26Z 2017-05-11T10:31:26Z 2016 eng
dc.identifier.isbn 978-80-905221-4-5 eng
dc.identifier.issn eng
dc.description.abstract The simple and fast method for analysis of Propyl gallate (PG) in biofuels was proposed in this paper. Voltammograms of antioxidant under study were recorded using linear sweep voltammetry method at a gold disc electrode in supporting electrolyte containing 0.18 mol L-1 H2SO4 and 10 % ethanol. For purposes to monitor effects on fuel quality caused by oxidative degradation, the proposed method was applied to samples of biodiesel and Ekodiesel® (the blend of biodiesel with fuel diesel). The analysis of PG can be performed without pretreatment of Ekodiesel samples, and after extraction using distilled water in case of biodiesel samples. eng
dc.format p. 256-259 eng
dc.language.iso eng eng
dc.publisher BEST Servis eng
dc.relation.ispartof XXXVI Moderní elektrochemické metody eng
dc.rights open access eng
dc.subject antioxidant eng
dc.subject propyl gallate eng
dc.subject voltammetry eng
dc.subject determination eng
dc.subject biofuel eng
dc.subject antioxidant cze
dc.subject voltametrie cze
dc.subject biopaliva cze
dc.title Using voltammetric method for monitoring of antioxidant content in biofuels eng
dc.title.alternative Využití voltametrické metody pro sledování obsahu antioxidantu v biopalivech cze
dc.type ConferenceObject eng
dc.description.abstract-translated Byla navržena jednoduchá a rychlá metoda pro stanovení antioxidantu v biopalivech. Voltametrický pík studovaného antioxidantu byl zaznamenán metodou lineární voltametrie (LSV - linear sweep voltammetry) na zlaté diskové elektrodě v základním elektrolytu obsahujícím 0,18 mol.l-1 H2SO4 a 10% ethanol. Z důvodu sledování vlivu kvality biopaliv na jejich oxidační degradaci byla navržená metoda aplikována na vzorky bionafty a směsné motorové nafty. cze
dc.event XXXVI International Conference on Modern Electrochemical Methods (23.05.2016 - 27.05.2016) eng
dc.peerreviewed yes eng
dc.publicationstatus postprint eng
dc.identifier.wos 000389898200058
dc.identifier.wos 00038989820005
dc.identifier.obd 39876952 eng

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