Cyberspace- advantages and its disadvantages

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dc.contributor.advisor Čapek, Jan Bruce-Quaye, Philip 2017-01-23T10:58:01Z 2017-01-23T10:58:01Z 2016 2016-08-15
dc.identifier Univerzitní knihovna (studovna) cze
dc.description.abstract This study seeks to collect and describe advantages and disadvantages of the cyberspace and touching on the main threats in cyberspace as well as its threat in the global world. Also some areas such as cyber security, cyber bullying, cybercrime, information society and finally, cyber threats have also been talked about in this thesis. eng
dc.format 85 s.
dc.language.iso eng
dc.publisher Univerzita Pardubice cze
dc.rights bez omezení
dc.subject cyberspace eng
dc.subject cyber-attacks eng
dc.subject cyber threat eng
dc.subject cyber conflict eng
dc.subject cybercrime eng
dc.subject cyber security eng
dc.subject cyber bullying eng
dc.subject kyberprostor cze
dc.subject kybernetické útoky cze
dc.subject kybernetické hrozby cze
dc.subject kybernetické konflikty cze
dc.subject počítačová kriminalita cze
dc.subject kybernetická bezpečnost cze
dc.subject kyberšikana cze
dc.title Cyberspace- advantages and its disadvantages eng
dc.title.alternative Cyberspace- výhody a nevýhody cze
dc.type diplomová práce cze 2016-11-22
dc.description.abstract-translated Práce se snaží shromáždit a popsat výhody a nevýhody kyberprostoru a jeho hrozeb. Práce se též zabývá kybernetickou bezpečností, kybernetickou šikanou, počítačové kriminalitě, informační společnosti a kybernetickým hrozbám. cze
dc.description.department Fakulta ekonomicko-správní cze Regional and Information Management eng Ing. Univerzita Pardubice. Fakulta ekonomicko-správní cze
dc.identifier.signature D35457 System Engineering and Informatics eng
dc.description.defence The student has shown the conclusion of his thesis. There were read the reports of the opponent and the tutor. There were asked questions of the opponent. The committee asked following questions: Why did you compare the Czech Republic and Ghana? Did you provide a list of advantages and disadvantages? Describe the discrepancy between the percentage of the internet access and the facebook usage. ~Student has answered the questions. eng
dc.identifier.stag 29604
dc.description.grade Dokončená práce s úspěšnou obhajobou cze

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