Možnosti participace mladých lidí na řešení problémů na lokální úrovni

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dc.identifier.issn 1804-9095 (Print)
dc.identifier.issn 1804-9109 (Online)
dc.format p. 78-91 eng
dc.language.iso cze
dc.publisher Univerzita Pardubice
dc.relation.ispartof Aktuální otázky sociální politiky – teorie a praxe 8 (2/2014) cze
dc.rights open access eng
dc.subject participation eng
dc.subject young people eng
dc.subject volunteering eng
dc.subject community eng
dc.subject local level eng
dc.title Možnosti participace mladých lidí na řešení problémů na lokální úrovni cze
dc.title.alternative Possibilities of participation of young people in solving problems at local level eng
dc.type Article
dc.description.abstract-translated Purpose of this paper is to present the possibilities of participation of young people at the local level. Paper comes from the low participation rate of people in the Czech society. It deals with a specific group of young people in city Bilina. The group was created in the context of cross-border project, similar group works in city Chemnitz in Saxony. Both groups of young people try to respond to problems in their city. These are problems which were identified by the group members. To solve the problems they use of actions implemented especially in public space. Their goal is to attract large numbers of people to collaborate. Methods of investigation were unstructured interview with young people – members of the group “We are not in need” and participating observation during events. Scientific aim is to identify factors that impede and facilitate the participation of young people at local level. Findings are the opportunities for participation of young people in local level. The group has identified several problem areas in the city. From all problem areas selected young people those which assumed achieve visible results in real time. The group realized music festivals, theatrical performances for seniors, action “cleaning of the city” and the various activities for younger children. With regard the possibilities of participation young people positively evaluates support from outside, the opportunity to meet with a similar group from Germany and composition of the group. Negatively evaluates they conduct of the part of Bilina city public to their group and limited options for traveling to Germany. Conclusion use models of community work for characterize of functioning the group of young people. Paper brings also several topics for further research. eng
dc.peerreviewed yes eng
dc.publicationstatus published eng

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